Leaving Alaska soon

Today will be a day full of sorting and prepping for the movers who arrive tomorrow. We’ll be having a moving sale this coming Friday and Saturday and then heading down the Alaska Highway starting Monday, July 15. Me in the Suburban pulling our boat. Husband in his truck pulling our camper. Two weeks after that, we’ll be in Yuma, Arizona, our new home.

Alaska Matanuska Glacier

Matanuska Glacier, July 2013


Feeling very emotional about leaving Alaska but already have plans to return in September for a conference and visit.

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Tips for moving to a new town: Tok to Yuma


After 8 years in Alaska, my husband’s work is taking us from rural Alaska to deep Southwestern Arizona. Yuma, to be exact. From one extreme to another…

Yuma AZ
Don’t think they have 65 below temps here!

Recently, I came across this great blog post from Barbara Fowler – Five Ideas to Re-build Your Personal Brand After a Move. Here is how I’m following some of her tips right now:

Tip: Send a note to all of your Linkedin contacts, telling them about your move. Request help in getting new contacts in the new location.

LinkedIn once again proves to be an excellent profesional social networking tool. Not only do I have a few wonderful colleagues who have relocated to Arizona over the years, I actually have one who has done business in Yuma, and she very graciously offered to make personal introductions.

Read the rest of this post on my business blog.

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In Town, Yuma, Arizona

In Town, Yuma

My husband is getting back from a reconnaissance mission to check out Yuma for our pending (but we have no idea about a move date) move.

He was impressed. Says parts of it reminds him of Ft. Collins, Colorado but with palm trees. The surrounding areas remind him of our recent trip to Loreto, Baja.

All I can say right now is…”Anticipation…anticipation is making me wait…” (okay, I was singing that).

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Yuma Parks and Recreation Activities Guide

Exploring activities for the 6 year old once we get to Yuma. Found this on the City of Yuma AZ website.

Yuma Parks and Recreation Activities Guide [Download PDF Here – Free]

activitiesguideSome examples of activities that could be a fit:

  • Arizona Science Center Kaleidoscope Science Camp, ages 8 – 12
  • Camp Awesome, ages 6 – 12
  • Private Archery Instruction, for groups of ten or mores
  • Canoe the Colorado
  • Youth Water Athletics, ages 5 – 14

And some upcoming summer events:

  • July 27: Back to School Rodeo
  • August 3: Splash Out Crime Night
  • August 10: Summer Movie Extravaganza “Brave”
  • August 17: Summer Movie Extravaganza “Wreck It Ralph”
  • August 31: Woof Splash Expo
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Still ice on the lake

Yesterday, there was still ice on Moon Lake, Alaska.

It was 90+ degrees in Yuma.

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Yuma is like Alaska

I’ve been hitting Google with searches like “moving to Yuma” and “relocating to Yuma” and “live in Yuma” with very little results.


In response to people’s inquiries about moving to Yuma dating back to 2008, there are some informational posts with a few details, but there are also a lot of posts about Yuma’s shortcomings – like this one:

I hate Yuma- sorry but I do. You are going to be in for a culture shock coming from any city that has anything more than a wal-mart for a big attraction.

Overall, I’m floored at how little is being written on a regular basis about Yuma by people other than news sites.

A friend of mine recently gave me some helpful insights into what I might expect in Yuma after living for 5 years in rural Interior Alaska.

I love Yuma! I like it there, mostly because of the people, but it is insanely hot.

I think I felt so comfortable there precisely because it’s a “survivor” environment, like Alaska. Everyone thrives half the year, and hides or leaves during the other half. People plan their day around the sun, and they auto-start the car so that it will be a comfortable temperature before they get in. So it’s a lot like Alaska. Baked Alaska. Also, dangerous creatures are a constant threat there as well.

If you move there, I’ll definitely want to introduce you to a few awesome people. The SBDC Director, the Digital Marketing Seminar organizer (they gave me a free booth last spring!), the City of Yuma Economic Development Administrator, and some marketing company owners.

If you can get past the heat, Yuma is great.

She added…

Moving is always a big deal, logistically, socially, and emotionally, but at least you’d have an airport handy. And there’s monsoons, so you’ll still get exciting weather each year.  Also, San Diego is just 2.5 hrs away, and the highways have super high speed limits.

This description, believe it or not, makes me feel a little better about my pending move.

Know anyone in Yuma? Have an opinion about it either way? I’d love to hear from you about it!

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Kofa National Wildlife Refuge – camping

Kofa National Wildlife Refuge

Love this photo.

Tent camping, 600,000 acres of space.

Photo credit: Yuma Visitors Bureau.

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