Geocaching in Yuma

Of all the things I’m looking forward to doing outdoors in Yuma, geocaching could be one of the biggest. I haven’t ever been geocaching before, but I’ve known about it since my years living in Wyoming. I’m the type of person that loves a destination or goal when I hike so geocaching seems ready-made for me.

I found this list of geocaches in the Yuma area.

Do you geocache? What are your favorite geocaching resources?


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1 Response to Geocaching in Yuma

  1. fredr1c says:

    I geocache under the name “fredr1c.” I live in Virginia but my partner was born in the UK so we’ve been caching there while visiting her relatives.

    One of my new favorite geocaching resources is a blog by geocacher “geocass” in the UK. She’s written numerous reviews of GPSrs; geocaching and mapping web sites; and geocaching apps and utilities. She’s also done tutorials for the same. The stuff she writes about is useful no matter where on earth you’re geocaching, and it’s all uniformly excellent. Find it here:

    I wish you all the best on your Arizona geocaching adventures.


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