Tips for moving to a new town: Tok to Yuma


After 8 years in Alaska, my husband’s work is taking us from rural Alaska to deep Southwestern Arizona. Yuma, to be exact. From one extreme to another…

Yuma AZ
Don’t think they have 65 below temps here!

Recently, I came across this great blog post from Barbara Fowler – Five Ideas to Re-build Your Personal Brand After a Move. Here is how I’m following some of her tips right now:

Tip: Send a note to all of your Linkedin contacts, telling them about your move. Request help in getting new contacts in the new location.

LinkedIn once again proves to be an excellent profesional social networking tool. Not only do I have a few wonderful colleagues who have relocated to Arizona over the years, I actually have one who has done business in Yuma, and she very graciously offered to make personal introductions.

Read the rest of this post on my business blog.


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