Yuma Parks and Recreation Activities Guide

Exploring activities for the 6 year old once we get to Yuma. Found this on the City of Yuma AZ website.

Yuma Parks and Recreation Activities Guide [Download PDF Here – Free]

activitiesguideSome examples of activities that could be a fit:

  • Arizona Science Center Kaleidoscope Science Camp, ages 8 – 12
  • Camp Awesome, ages 6 – 12
  • Private Archery Instruction, for groups of ten or mores
  • Canoe the Colorado
  • Youth Water Athletics, ages 5 – 14

And some upcoming summer events:

  • July 27: Back to School Rodeo
  • August 3: Splash Out Crime Night
  • August 10: Summer Movie Extravaganza “Brave”
  • August 17: Summer Movie Extravaganza “Wreck It Ralph”
  • August 31: Woof Splash Expo

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