Yuma is like Alaska

I’ve been hitting Google with searches like “moving to Yuma” and “relocating to Yuma” and “live in Yuma” with very little results.


In response to people’s inquiries about moving to Yuma dating back to 2008, there are some informational posts with a few details, but there are also a lot of posts about Yuma’s shortcomings – like this one:

I hate Yuma- sorry but I do. You are going to be in for a culture shock coming from any city that has anything more than a wal-mart for a big attraction.

Overall, I’m floored at how little is being written on a regular basis about Yuma by people other than news sites.

A friend of mine recently gave me some helpful insights into what I might expect in Yuma after living for 5 years in rural Interior Alaska.

I love Yuma! I like it there, mostly because of the people, but it is insanely hot.

I think I felt so comfortable there precisely because it’s a “survivor” environment, like Alaska. Everyone thrives half the year, and hides or leaves during the other half. People plan their day around the sun, and they auto-start the car so that it will be a comfortable temperature before they get in. So it’s a lot like Alaska. Baked Alaska. Also, dangerous creatures are a constant threat there as well.

If you move there, I’ll definitely want to introduce you to a few awesome people. The SBDC Director, the Digital Marketing Seminar organizer (they gave me a free booth last spring!), the City of Yuma Economic Development Administrator, and some marketing company owners.

If you can get past the heat, Yuma is great.

She added…

Moving is always a big deal, logistically, socially, and emotionally, but at least you’d have an airport handy. And there’s monsoons, so you’ll still get exciting weather each year.  Also, San Diego is just 2.5 hrs away, and the highways have super high speed limits.

This description, believe it or not, makes me feel a little better about my pending move.

Know anyone in Yuma? Have an opinion about it either way? I’d love to hear from you about it!


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One Response to Yuma is like Alaska

  1. Tammy says:

    I have several friends there and they love living there. There’s a great deal of history if you like that sort of thing, two Native American tribes very close, outdoors.

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